Don’t forget my blog!!

A lot of things were happening this last days. From the last week I have to say that finally Josué came from Spain to make his project, Leonardo da Vinci, here with us in Pelhrimov. I’m very glad because I knew him from my home city. 🙂 The day after he arrives, we went with Max to show him the city and the lake, a magical place. On last thursday we had an activity in the school of Nová Cerekev and it was about languages. I was really happy to make this activity. Max, Bohdanka and me, we were making different activities with them, they play with english words and with some of other games. After, this day we had a welcome dinner to Josué, we also recived a present from Hodina H! As you can see in the picture, we are “the men in black” (Pelhrimov version) xD

Also in the last picture you can see us with our unique and new hat made by Eva (Babička)  And it is not all!!

This weekend we had the seminar Jak na to, how to do? It was really great, and we had a productive time. On monday we went to Jihlava for the seminar Multi-kulti tour. And for this week also a lot of activities in so many places!! On thursday I will be in Gymnazium of Humpolec. I want to invite you to the open doors of the high school 😀 ^_^

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