DSC05482We went yesterday (well, it was tuesday) to Prachatice to make one activity with our collegues from the ICM (Informace centrum pro mladez) there and it was really great!! We were explaining what we are doing here and what is EVS (European voluntary service). After they were really kind and they showed to us the city. To come back we went through Ceské Budejovice and we spend there a really great time!!

The winter is coming!

Como todo buen Stark, diré sólo eso, el invierno se acerca!

As a good Stark I will say only that, The winter is coming!


As you can see, in one month I will be skating in the lake!! For now, you can step only in the shore. And as we heard in the radio, in the mountains we had -21º!! So I repeat, the winter is coming, and in which way!! hahaha… :/

Czech through my eyes 5

ojo checo

The tradition here is that the day 4, Mikulaus, the angels and the devils are coming with some presents for the ones who have been good this year. All the people was in the square with the children in front of the christmas tree and throwing firecrackers. Then all the presents has to be under the window, the place were Mikulaus leave it for them, and they can open it the next day.

Czech through my eyes 3 and 4

ojo checo

Cuando entras a las casas, la costumbre es quitarse los zapatos y llevar pantuflas…

When you go into a house, the habit is to take off the shoes and wear slippers.

La calefacción dentro de las casas, es excelente. En españa no tenemos un invierno tan duro, pero nos congelamos de frío dentro de las casas. Y el agua caliente no siempre funciona, aquí lavar los platos es casi un gusto! xD

The heating inside the houses is excelent. In Spain we don’t have such a hard winter but we get frozen inside the houses. And the warm water is not always working, like here, to wash the dishes, almost a pleasure ! xD



Here I have some photos of Prague I’ve made this weekend. I met Kinga and we went to a restaurant to have a really great meal! After she showed to me a mexican place just in the centre of Prague, I was surprise because of the spanish music!


As you can see, I met Bohdanka, her sister, the friend of her sister and Marie, an exceptional woman who was our particular guide in Prague!

Some moments later we found Eleonora and her friend from France, Adele.


And you never know who wants to be with you in the photos, so one spontaneous man ran to me to be in our picture! It was funny 😀DSC05278