News, finally!

After long time without writing, I’m going to tell you what happened!

We have one activity that last one week, the week against racism. Each day we discover and showed to the people our different countries. We tryed typical food and heard some tradicional music. Also we discovered that we aren’t than much different as we thought. After, in my eastern holidays, I went to Budapest for 4 days. It was an amazing experience!

Camera 360

And I just came back and I went to a project in Fulnek, which was about the heritage of our countries and we saw really nice places like a castle, a monastery, a church full of histories and a big factory in Ostrava. In the way back to Pelhrimov I saw big groups of deers and eagles!!

Camera 360

Other activities we had were the information week, where we could enjoy with the adventures of other volunteers in their projects! We “saw” and “tasted” Paraguay, Spain, Italy and England. And we did one activity in the school of Nova Cerekev and one day I went to Písek where I had a nice journey in that city where I discovered that there is one bridge older than Karlův Most in Prague with exactly 111 meters and the same kind of architecture.

Camera 360

Also I had an activity in the orphanage of Senožaty. I did with the children there a creative workshop with a paper technique called “Quilling” and after we had a training of table tenis. I enjoyed a lot to be there with them. ^_^

Camera 360

The last things that happened this last week where that I had a visit of a friend who is doing Erasmus program in Bergen, Norway. We spent nice time together and I showed to him where I live and the surrounding area of Pelhrimov. And this saturday we had two activities: Clean Vysočina and the volunteers meeting where we could enjoy and share a lot of tools for work in the youth field 😉 After we had very nice and tasty dinner together!!


And here the crazy photo we needed to take for one game!


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