Czech trhough my eyes 12

Otra cosa que me sorprende, los coches aquí pueden tener todas las lunas tintadas, cristales oscuros. En España está prohibido en las lunas delanteras (conductor y copiloto, y luna frontal).

Other thing that it was a surprise for me was that here you can have all the windows of the car tinted in dark when in Spain is forbidden in the front part of the car because of the visibility and security.

ojo checo

Czech trhough my eyes 11



Hoy en la guardería, haciendo una actividad, la profesora nos ha preguntado delante de todos, qué cerveza nos gustaba de la República Checa. Le hemos contestado que no es tema para hablar delante de los niños…

Contándole esto a nuestra profesora de checo, nos ha contado que es un tema normal aquí, que los niños están muy acostumbrados a tomar un trago de cerveza cuando los padres les ofecen. Algo normal.

ojo checo

Czech through my eyes 10

ojo checo


Here the traffic signals are like in every country (I hope) but I saw two big differences between here and Spain: The first one is that here there is a sign to say who has the priority in the curves.

señales checas

When in Spain, you need to give way only when you see this other sign.



The other thing is that in Spain there is a sign for the snow, but here I saw the sign for the rain, a cloud with drops!! How can it be?

Czech through my eyes 6 and 7

ojo checo

Something that surprise me at the begining of my EVS but I haven’t told to anybody is that I haven’t found cockroach. In Spain because of the hot weather you can see them everywhere. I told to Mary, and she told me that maybe is because of that, the cold here. But it was so nice to discover that here in Czech Republik we don’t have it! ^_^ If I will see one I will jump from the floor to the tower in the square of Pelhrimov!! Hehehehecucaracha

The second thing for today is that I haven’t seen that much snow like today in the streets in my whole life. I’m so happy but also is slippery.

Czech through my eyes 5

ojo checo

The tradition here is that the day 4, Mikulaus, the angels and the devils are coming with some presents for the ones who have been good this year. All the people was in the square with the children in front of the christmas tree and throwing firecrackers. Then all the presents has to be under the window, the place were Mikulaus leave it for them, and they can open it the next day.