End of the experience???

I’m back home, but I don’t feel like this experience is finish. For sure I’ll keep in my memories and daily life things I learnt during my EVS in Czech Republik. I need to thank everybody who has been involve in my life in the country for 10 months.

I will start to put some unpublished images to share with you my feelings.

For now, these two pictures are to thank Hodina H who was my hosting organization.

IMG_3151 hodinahfromelche4



Some summary of the last week and also weekend.

We were in Větrný Jeníkov school making an activity in English on Thursday. Camera 360

Then on Friday we went to Jihlava, there were so nice students!! Camera 360

On Saturday we were cooking this delicious Vánočka, and also soup and nuddles. Camera 360

And on Sunday morning I went to the forest for a nice but a little windy day.

This week, is the week against racism. We are doing kind a lot of activities in Hodina H. Yesterday we had the Polish day and Bohdanka prepare a really nice presentation about her country, culture, music… We had also some tasty food from Poland and as she says: Everything is free!! So you are welcome today for Russian day, tomorrow for Spanish day and on Thursday for German day! More info in this link!



Music Meeting!

Yesterday we had a music meeting. The idea is to put the people in contact to make groups or bands, Max manage everything to create this nice enviroment we had yesterday so I hope that something good can born from this nice evening were we sang and played some songs. If you want to know more about the project, to participaet or be involved, visit this information. =)

Camera 360

Chocolate Hour!!

You don’t know yet what is THE CHOCOLATE HOUR!????

Here you have the event on facebook with all the information! But to make a summary, it will be an hour where you can try and taste chocolates from some places around the world, like Spain, Poland, Germany, Cyprus… Also we are going to make different recipes, and which characteristics chocolate has, and we will show you some photos and videos.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

It will be this thursday at 15:00 in the Culture House of Pelhrimov.


Because we love chocolate!! ^_^

Ice Skate with Kindergarten!

I was today in the Ice hockey stadium with the kindergarten who was today visiting the place. They were too small but they played and enjoyed a lot. Today I had two special girls who were so cute.

And for tomorrow I’ll invite you to come to the creative club at 15:00. I will show one handmade wallet that one spanish friend gave me for a present.

Is nice to be back!