Ice Skate with Kindergarten!

I was today in the Ice hockey stadium with the kindergarten who was today visiting the place. They were too small but they played and enjoyed a lot. Today I had two special girls who were so cute.

And for tomorrow I’ll invite you to come to the creative club at 15:00. I will show one handmade wallet that one spanish friend gave me for a present.

Is nice to be back!

The winter is coming!

Como todo buen Stark, diré sólo eso, el invierno se acerca!

As a good Stark I will say only that, The winter is coming!


As you can see, in one month I will be skating in the lake!! For now, you can step only in the shore. And as we heard in the radio, in the mountains we had -21º!! So I repeat, the winter is coming, and in which way!! hahaha… :/

Japoneses checos


No lo subí en su momento por que se me olvidó, pero aquí van las fotos de la japonesa que conocí en el autobús de Praga a Pelhrimov. Sin apenas saber inglés y cero checo, se dirigía a un pueblecito para visitarlo. Espero que todo le fuera bien, y aquí las monedas que intercambiamos, unos cuantos yenes!! ;D

I didn’t upload in his moment beacuse I’ve forgotten, but here are the pictures of the japanese girl I met in the bus from Praha to Pelhrimov. With a few words in english and zero of czech, se was going to a small town to visit it. I hope that everything was right, and here the coins we exchanged, a few yenes!! ;D

One day I will come to Japan!

Un día iré a Japón!