The winter is coming!

Como todo buen Stark, diré sólo eso, el invierno se acerca!

As a good Stark I will say only that, The winter is coming!


As you can see, in one month I will be skating in the lake!! For now, you can step only in the shore. And as we heard in the radio, in the mountains we had -21º!! So I repeat, the winter is coming, and in which way!! hahaha… :/



Here I have some photos of Prague I’ve made this weekend. I met Kinga and we went to a restaurant to have a really great meal! After she showed to me a mexican place just in the centre of Prague, I was surprise because of the spanish music!


As you can see, I met Bohdanka, her sister, the friend of her sister and Marie, an exceptional woman who was our particular guide in Prague!

Some moments later we found Eleonora and her friend from France, Adele.


And you never know who wants to be with you in the photos, so one spontaneous man ran to me to be in our picture! It was funny 😀DSC05278

Halloween, Concierto!

Halloween !! Finally I get the photos from Eleonora!

Pues esta cara de pena se nos quedó al ver a la muerta. Unas flores y velitas.

So, we get this face when we saw the dead. Flowers and candles for her.

Y tenía mucha hambre, pero Bogna también! Luchamos por ese pedazo de hueso.

And I was so hungry, but Bogna too! We were fight for this piece of bone.

Y este viernes estuvimos en Sklep, actuaban 2 grupos de Rock. Eleonora y yo nos lo pasamos muy bien.

And this friday we were in Sklep, 2 Rock bands were playing. We enjoyed a lot!

Funny situations!

After our day in Jihlava with the seniors, (we went to visit the theatre) I asked Bogna if she can translate something from me to babička. And I sayd: “can she make me a hat?”. Suddenly Miša and babička came and hugged me! Because Bogna translate “Lorena wants a hug” (but I wanted a hat!!!) So… I was happy anyway because I get two hugs and I’ll get my hat!!

Czech Through my Eyes!

ojo checo

This is a new category I would like to talk about. Is very important for me because of the big differences between my country, Spain, and Czech Republic. So here sometimes I’ll be writting about these differences we have.

I want to start remembering my first time here. It was in June and we were in a youth exchange. One of the participants from Spain, when he saw the room, the first thing he screamed was: “No hay persianas!! Como voy a dormir!?” (There is no persian blinds! How I will sleep!?)

In Czech Republic there is only this kind of persian blinds inside the room, but in Spain, we have outside the house and with the windows.

Czech persian blind:

Spanish persian blind: