In a project I was last week in Hungary I meet Austrian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech and of course Hungarian people. We had different activities like a visit to an arboretum, a big park where the people start to plant a lot of different species of trees to have a reserve. Also we travel by kanoe to the natural reserve in the middle of the lake and we were hearing the different kind of sings of birds that live there in the reef. Also we were in a high school where there is a teacher being volunteer in his free time and organizing activities for the youth during the weekends. They are also recycling tetrabricks, plastic, paper and glass. They won one competition for that in national level. And they showed to us how to build a ship, floating one, with the reef. Is one activity they usually do with the children in the forestry schools. ^_^ I really enjoyed the time with all of them, and I had also time with the Czech group to visit the castle of Buda, the chain bridge, and a famous place because of the pankcakes they make. Really good ones!

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Travelling weekend!

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I went with Mary to Moravské Budejovice. We made an activity there and after I came to visit Florian to Mysliborice, I had time enough to visit the place by myself, there are only few streets but a really nice castle. Here you have some pictures. Florian showed to me the place and the amazingly big gardens behind the castle. The weekend before there was a wedding, I can imagine why the couple choose this place.

The next morning, Florian came with me to Pelhrimov. We met the friends of Bohdanka from Poland and we came together to a restaurant. Then on Saturday, Eleonora, Florian, Max and one friend more, Sara (also EVS) we traveled to Telc. It was the perfect choice because there was an event of vintage cars, motos and bikes with some competitions and exhibitions. We visited the castle and the gardens, some lakes where also really nice places.

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Den Země!

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On Saturday, Bohdanka and me were in Žďár nad Sázavou with Světlana, our Czech teacher. We made an activity for children and after we enjoyed together with some workshops and in the fire making a grill with Czech sausages. And also we had time to visit Zelená Hora, one church of Saint John of Nepomuk that is part of UNESCO heritage.


A project very far away!

I’ve been in UK for a project about intergenerations. In this days we saw London and Birmingham but the most important was in what we were working, a E-GAME!! It will be about Europe, with interactive questions about culture of the diferent countries who belong’s to the European Union and will be also a move to promote the work, talk, life and much more, between generations. Here you have the link to Facebook website. This project will continue and growing up in the next year, so pay atention to what will be new, and of course, to wait for the opportunity to play the E-Game!

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Some summary of the last week and also weekend.

We were in Větrný Jeníkov school making an activity in English on Thursday. Camera 360

Then on Friday we went to Jihlava, there were so nice students!! Camera 360

On Saturday we were cooking this delicious Vánočka, and also soup and nuddles. Camera 360

And on Sunday morning I went to the forest for a nice but a little windy day.

This week, is the week against racism. We are doing kind a lot of activities in Hodina H. Yesterday we had the Polish day and Bohdanka prepare a really nice presentation about her country, culture, music… We had also some tasty food from Poland and as she says: Everything is free!! So you are welcome today for Russian day, tomorrow for Spanish day and on Thursday for German day! More info in this link!