Mid-Term of EVS

When a new European Volunteer arrives to his/her new country, they have an encounter called On-arrival. Its a training course with some other volunteers to get to know each other and also some basic information about the country and the rights and duties they’ll need to know, of their NGOs.

And after more or less the half of the project, its another course call Mid-term. Is the second encounter with the same people from the On-arrival. This time we were in Slunakov Ecological Centre. It was at 7 kilometers from Olomouc (we visited) and we spend there five days all together. Here you can see some pictures.

Also we celebrated the birthday of Bohdanka!!

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Creative club

Today in the creative club we are going to try to finish our wallet that we started last week. Look how does it looks mine. It was a present of my spanish friend for Christmas. 20130118_125639 She did it with some of our photos together, and in the creative club we are going to do it with amazing and colorful drawings of our participants. If you want to come feel free to ask about the workshop and we can repeat it with you!

Also we have some ideas for the next weeks, but if you want to send us your projects or repeat one of our activities just write a comment or send me an e-mail to lorena@hodinah.cz

Czech through my eyes 6 and 7

ojo checo

Something that surprise me at the begining of my EVS but I haven’t told to anybody is that I haven’t found cockroach. In Spain because of the hot weather you can see them everywhere. I told to Mary, and she told me that maybe is because of that, the cold here. But it was so nice to discover that here in Czech Republik we don’t have it! ^_^ If I will see one I will jump from the floor to the tower in the square of Pelhrimov!! Hehehehecucaracha

The second thing for today is that I haven’t seen that much snow like today in the streets in my whole life. I’m so happy but also is slippery.

Czech Republic Again!

Happy New Year to everybody!! I’m back in Pelhřimov after having a really great and “warm” Christmas holidays at home in Spain. I met there a lot of my friends and I visited most of my favorite places.

This picture is in the stadium Martínez Valero in Elche. The match was Elche 3 – 2 Sabadell. I went there this sunday after too long time. And I really enjoyed!! So more or less this was the last thing I did there in Spain. ^_^ DSC05826


Now, we are focused in the work again, we are preparing a lot of activities, one of this will be the Chocolate Hour!  Here you can get more information and also if you want to take part on it, you are invited to come to Pelhřimov but even if you can’t come to Pelhřimov, you can send to us a special sort of chocolate that you have in your town, city, region or country!


DSC05482We went yesterday (well, it was tuesday) to Prachatice to make one activity with our collegues from the ICM (Informace centrum pro mladez) there and it was really great!! We were explaining what we are doing here and what is EVS (European voluntary service). After they were really kind and they showed to us the city. To come back we went through Ceské Budejovice and we spend there a really great time!!

Czech through my eyes 5

ojo checo

The tradition here is that the day 4, Mikulaus, the angels and the devils are coming with some presents for the ones who have been good this year. All the people was in the square with the children in front of the christmas tree and throwing firecrackers. Then all the presents has to be under the window, the place were Mikulaus leave it for them, and they can open it the next day.