End of the experience???

I’m back home, but I don’t feel like this experience is finish. For sure I’ll keep in my memories and daily life things I learnt during my EVS in Czech Republik. I need to thank everybody who has been involve in my life in the country for 10 months.

I will start to put some unpublished images to share with you my feelings.

For now, these two pictures are to thank Hodina H who was my hosting organization.

IMG_3151 hodinahfromelche4


Some summary of the last week and also weekend.

We were in Větrný Jeníkov school making an activity in English on Thursday. Camera 360

Then on Friday we went to Jihlava, there were so nice students!! Camera 360

On Saturday we were cooking this delicious Vánočka, and also soup and nuddles. Camera 360

And on Sunday morning I went to the forest for a nice but a little windy day.

This week, is the week against racism. We are doing kind a lot of activities in Hodina H. Yesterday we had the Polish day and Bohdanka prepare a really nice presentation about her country, culture, music… We had also some tasty food from Poland and as she says: Everything is free!! So you are welcome today for Russian day, tomorrow for Spanish day and on Thursday for German day! More info in this link!



Dinosauri Den!!

Camera 360


Today in the kindergarten we played and learned more about dinosaurs. After we went to the forest and we collected some branches we used later to make a big dinosaur in the snow. Also we roll over the meadow, even Jana and me were rolling! 😉 ^_^ Today in the evening I will go to the theatre in Jihlava!! I will tell you if I understood!

Hezký den!

Don’t forget my blog!!

A lot of things were happening this last days. From the last week I have to say that finally Josué came from Spain to make his project, Leonardo da Vinci, here with us in Pelhrimov. I’m very glad because I knew him from my home city. 🙂 The day after he arrives, we went with Max to show him the city and the lake, a magical place. On last thursday we had an activity in the school of Nová Cerekev and it was about languages. I was really happy to make this activity. Max, Bohdanka and me, we were making different activities with them, they play with english words and with some of other games. After, this day we had a welcome dinner to Josué, we also recived a present from Hodina H! As you can see in the picture, we are “the men in black” (Pelhrimov version) xD

Also in the last picture you can see us with our unique and new hat made by Eva (Babička)  And it is not all!!

This weekend we had the seminar Jak na to, how to do? It was really great, and we had a productive time. On monday we went to Jihlava for the seminar Multi-kulti tour. And for this week also a lot of activities in so many places!! On thursday I will be in Gymnazium of Humpolec. I want to invite you to the open doors of the high school 😀 ^_^

Para dar y vender

Bogna volvió con comida que le dio su madre para “el viaje”, en total unos 5 bocadillos que ha tenido que ir comiéndose antes de que se pusieran duros.

Bogna came back with food that her mom gave her for the “travel”, 5 sandwiches in total that she had to eat before they get hard.


Otra de las organizaciones, tenía un evento importante en Humpolec. Aquí unas fotos del manjar que pude degustar, de la temperatura registrada este año y de Květa Fialová, una famosa actriz checa con más de 40 películas a sus espaldas, firmando unos autógrafos. Debajo, mis nuevos patines de Hockey hielo. ^_^

Other of the organisations had an important event in Humpolec. Here some photos of the fantastic catering we had, the minimum temperature registred this year and Květa Fialová, a famous czech atress with more than 40 films in her background, signing some autographs. Down, my new ice hockey skates!!